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Fred's Land Rover (Getting it together)

Freds legendary tailgate

Bulkhead rebuild Transmission
There was nothing left of Freds Bulk-Head. The one you see hear is from another series 2 and is now being rebuilt with new panels, you will notice that they have also been trimmed, this is so we can build the Bulkhead perfectly around the V8 conversion.

The Next thing is to mount the New V8 and transmission into the Rolling Chassis, After this the Bulkhead is fitted, and all the mounting points are checked and fitted in place. the V8 Fits These Chassis so easily, so mounting it proved no serious problems

{short description of image}
The rebuilt V8 Engine and Transmission are mounted into the Rolling chassis, The engine will receive further enhancements but things are only being checked and aligned at this stage, (its called a "Dry Build"). It will all have to come out again soon.

Bulkhead preperation V8 Bulkhead Mods
Here you can see the bulkhead being built up around the Installed engine and transmission, Once the shape is built, the whole thing will be removed and shot blasted, ready for painting and re-fitting. Further difficulties will always arise, as now we have to make all the transmission levers etc. pass through the floor pan and transmission Tunnel, the good things is the conversion is going to look as though it was made for it.

Old Transmission Assembling transmission
Just in case you wondered what the Old transmission looked like, The replacement transmission, even though its not rebuilt, it looks like new.

V8 engine
This is the RPI V8 now installed and finished off.
Its not only very good looking but it is very practical too, rebuilt to our highest of standards with high torque cam and full blueprinted, this engine should last 250.000 miles, but with Fred, Who knows?.
Its this superb attention to detail and the ability to gain the uppermost efficiency from all our engines, is what sets us apart from the rest.

Stripped front end
1. With the front wings removed, it has revealed corroded chassis and body sections and a small garden plot on the top of the inner wing.
rusty chassis

2. The floor panels are removed, the air conditioning in the chassis can easily be observed. It looks like this chassis is finished.
Stripped front end

3. The interior is being stripped as more major corrosion is discovered, Looks like more major repairs are required, no worry, we will soon have it all under control.
Stripped front end

4. The 2.25 engine shows a nice bright red light on the dash when you go round corners, perhaps Fred just forgot to put any oil in?

Fred's Happy

The Rebuild Continues.

Interior and bulkhead Bulkhead rebuilt & painted
With the engine and transmission fitted, plus the rolling chassis all sorted, the interior is now beginning to take shape, we are using the later dash etc. from our own, Later series 2. It looks simple, but believe me, there is so much to do at this stage.
You can see all the hard work on the Bulk-head has paid off.
The transmission tunnel also looks as though it came from the factory with a V8 and this transmission. The interior has taken lots of work but is looking good now.

painted panels Front end
Whilst all the other work has been going on, all the panels have been rebuilt or replaced, Here you can see just some of them back from the paint shop. "Cheers Martin" We have also painted and refixed all trimings etc.
The front end is also painted, and ready to drop onto the chassis, it was all test mounted "Dry Built" before this stage, so it all goes together easy as you will see. its a good color match to the original, with Just a bit more "sparklle"

From behind From the front
A view from behind. New lamps have been fitted, the bodywork inside is all taken care off, even the spare is looking good. Its all coming together good.!!!. And the front looks good too, the V8's all under there somewheer, and the final touches only are required to finish, Oh well just another 20 hours or so to go.

{short description of image} {short description of image}
Lots more has been happening, (so I have been told) but I am away on Holiday so I cant comment too much but it looks like they are doing it all without me. ;-)) Ahh. And here's the signwriter, Its funny but we where at our wits end to find a true signwriter that could work to this "Oldy World" standard.

{short description of image}
Skills like this are very rare in this millenium.

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