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Engines and Engine diagnostics


RPi Thor Show Engine

Built specifically for a customer in Australia

Fully Rebuilt 4.6 Rover V8  Engine

Built specifically for one of our customer
Show Engines
Can you out shine these?

Engine components


Camshaft wear

L322 Range Rover 4.4 Vanos Repair

Now L322 4.4 BMW Power plant yields to RPIs advanced V8 ability.

Merlin Cylinder Heads
The Ultimate combination for a 4.6

True Dyno testing

"This RPi Engine has run under full Cat stress"

Super charger

"This Range Rover Sport, Eaton supercharger has been rebuilt by us."

Power plenum unique to RPi

"In house designed and so simple in its concept"

4 Wheel Drive

Defender 90 Upgrades!!!

Stage 3 4.6 litre RPi engine, Champion Winch and more.....

Land Rover 101 Collection

Not to be lost in room 101

Land Rover 110 Collection

Found and loved everywhere

Range Rover L322 & Supercharged

LPG Conversions

Australian Adventure!

A complete front end rebuild and new engine.

Range Rover Sport

Cost effective on LPG!!

Classic Resurrection!

Overhauled and improved.

Ibex 4x4 Kit Car

LPG converted and stainless steel induction and exhaust.

Immaculate P38 For Sale

LHD NAS Brand New 4.6 powered with fresh paint also!!

RPi P38 Range Rover
Present and historic
RPI's Project 110
 favourite pictures
Mega Defender 90
This very nice Defender is about to receive one of our awesome engine replacements and upgrades.

50th Defender 90

D90 50th Rear Crossmember replacement.

Landrover 101

Bespoke LPG upgrade with Webber 500 and essential Ignition upgrades.

Our LandRover 101

Land Rover 101 undergoing an extensive DIY style/level engine upgrade

2 Wheel Drive

Triumph Stag

V8 Engine rebuild

Morgan from Norway

"Fitting one of our Unique RPi Exhuast systems"

Rush Movie F1 RPi V8
A few years ago we took on a project to build 3 Rover V8 engines for 3 F1 style cars

MG B Roadster

Engine bay restored with a 4.6 power plant!

Be afraid, be very afraid!

0-60mph in 3.36s in 151ft


4.6 upgrade during the winter months

HMC Healey

Now with bespoke RPi exhaust.

4.6 NG Kit Car

Installed with a New T5 Gearbox

Cobra Kit Car &
A place to stay in Norfolk

4.6 powered with fresh paint and trim

P5b Classic Upgrades

Engine, Gearbox and Axle upgrades

Ford V8 Thames Van

LPG Power Plenum Installed

Four P5's at once!!

From essential ignition to engines and gearboxes

Chris Crane's Morgan +8
Dyno runs and more!!

Rolls Royce Spirit

Classic Stealth LPG Conversion

V8 Bristol

More improvements to LPG Classics

SD1 VDP Special treatment.
Such a wonderful retro classic in for undergoing an EFi conversion

4.6 TR8 Efi Conversion

Original 4.6 Rpi power V8 engine now being upgraded

TR8 Stage 3 Upgrade

Latest upgrades stage 3 heads and 285 Cam

Morgans with issues, bring them on..
Upgraded with ignition and fuel mapping

Project vehicles


Fred Dibnah Land Rover Restoration

Check out our restoration of Fred Dibnah's Land Rover.

Restoration Part 2

Just adding the final details.

Restoration Complete!

Restoration Complete & a day in the life of Fred Dibnah.

Classic SD1 project

"SDi Panel and body work, not only causing concern but high level detial repair level too"

DisKAvory Project

"When we get a new idea ther is no stopping us, and yes for real with 300bhp 4.6 motor too, No kidding!"

RPI Classic Range Rover rebuild project

"Take one barn storred Range Rover classic before its too late and before its original interior goes mouldy.!"


Vauxhall Monaro

LPG Converted with a 64L LPG Tank

Chevy Lpg conversion

"Chevy small block classic truck engine fixing and LPG conversion"

Bentley Mulsanne & LPG

"Ultimate LPG Conversion 0.60ppl and better economy than on petrol originally."

P5B 5 Speed and Lpg

"Sadly Its time for us to say goodbye to this magnificent beast"

V8 Windsor Big Block Lpg Conversion

"No more difficult to LPG convert correctly than a Morris Thousand"

Supercharged L322 Autobiography

"This near Perfect car is still in its prime, and being Lpg converted"

Trikes and Bikes

Not 4 Wheels - 2!!

Some very nice bikes

Sidewinder V8 Motorbike

The next one will be RPi 4.6 Powered

Shows and Events

RPi at Techno Classic 2008

Its what continental Europe has been a long time waiting for. At last over 80 years of accumulated Rover V8 engine experience available in central Europe

RPi at Billing 2003

Sponsored by LRE & patronized by many thousands, we believe this is the best Land Rover show in the world!.

RPi at Billing 2002

As always, the 3 days of the Billing show brought together many thousands of Land Rover enthusiasts from all over the world

RPI at Billing Aquadrome (Historic)

This was our First show in Billing probably circa 2000.


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